Ferris Wheel 15 Metres

Our historic wheel, with its characteristic "retro" style, is suitable for positioning even in locations that may be restricted by urban or geographical features, and is particularly suitable for our historic city centres.

In a frenetic and hyper-technological society such as ours, its baroque theme, with its nineteenth-century style decorations, combined with its sweet motion, give it a magical touch that recalls a distant past, full of charm and poetry.

14 cabins, each with 5 seats, with classical features and provided with variable lighting. A perennial, designed and conceived for family fun, which always guarantees a fantastic experience for young and old.

3,500 multi-coloured LED lights that allow great flexibility for customisation and a large range of colour effects.

Constructed to comply with all regulations to guarantee quality and your safety.

Possibility of space for sponsorship through a luminous newspaper or poster.


18 meters

Nr. of Cabins



3,500 multi-coloured LED