Ferris Wheel 36 Metres

The highest of our Ferris wheels, giving you the opportunity to admire breath-taking panoramas in complete safety.

Equipped with all comforts, including a mini-bar service and dining inside with a customised menu. Prior booking only.

Equipped with easy access for disabled wheelchairs (and helper), and internal anchor points for an experience in complete safety.

Fully enclosed cabins and windows on all sides to ensure total visibility in all directions, and to enhance a unique and breath-taking visual experience.

8,000 LED lights for a one-of-a-kind, unique lighting effect, with the opportunity to customise the lighting, both in terms of basic colours and optical effects.

Constructed to comply with all regulations to guarantee quality and your safety.

Possibility of space for sponsorship through a luminous newspaper or poster.


36 meters

Nr. of Cabins



6,500 multi-coloured LED

1 Cabin

VIP set up

1 Cabin

Equipped for disabled people