A family who works to make your dreams real...

The Lupetti family provides this service with over 40 years of experience as a benchmark and leader in the field of attractions for amusement parks, fairs, village festivals and events of all kinds.

It all begins with the CAROUSEL, the family's historic wheel. 15 meters high, with 14 gondolas, each with 5 seats, this is the ideal wheel for fun for the whole family, and this is why it is seen in the most beautiful squares in Italy.

The Lupetti family, however, while firmly grounded in tradition, is also in touch with the present. This is why, over the years, it has added two new Ferris wheels to the Carousel, the 22-metre-high LUMINOSA and the 36-metre-high giant MAESTOSA that are larger and more modern, to meet all possible customer requirements.

The professionalism and experience over the many years in the field mean that today the Lupetti family can meet the most varied of requirements regarding Ferris Wheels rental, with a wide range of models that always guarantees satisfaction.

Our Wheels are the best of what the market offers today, with the opportunity for complete and total customisation, including exclusive services such as cabins for disabled persons or VIP cabins with catering service.